Get Outta The House

A Gems of the Caribbean Product


Gems of the Caribbean is elated to present to you one of its newest tourism and hospitality products, "Get Outta The House." This concept is designed to make it convenient to Caribbean and other nationals visiting Brooklyn, by ensuring that the Gems will care for your relatives and friends while you are at work. The concept is also designed to provide greater exposure to visitors in Brooklyn, away from their familiar circles.

We will be releasing more information on how you participate in this concept. If you own a restaurant, ethnic boutique and other cultural and heritage sites, please send us an e-mail. In addition, if you are based in the Caribbean and looking forwarding to vacationing in Brooklyn, please send us an e-mail for further information.


Please do not remain in the house for 2017: "Get Outta The House" and immerse in the true culture and heritage of The Brooklyn Greenery.


What is Get Outta The House all about?


  • Every summer, 800,000 plus Caribbean-related visitors and their friends descend upon New York

  • Attracted by festivities held mainly in Brooklyn leading up to the Labor Day carnival

  • They contribute about $800 million to the economy of the city annually through their shopping for consumables and other goods to take home

  • Financial contribution to the city would be considerably higher if they were encouraged to “get out” and enjoy the myriad sights, sounds, restaurants, parks, museums, etc. of the wider city

  • Caribbean friends in Brooklyn are not heavy patronizers of the theatres, museums, parks, bars, restaurants and retail shopping and the other boroughs, the visitors are not likely to be introduced to these things by their hosts

  • Caribbean persons living in Brooklyn are unlikely to visit museums and parks in the Bronx, go shopping on Fordham road, or visit Staten Island. 

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The management of Gems of Saint Lucia has positioned its concept to differentiate it from that of its competitors. This differentiation is driven by the marketing channel which is St. Lucian nationals globally with the focus placed on a single destination, St. Lucia. As a result of this strategy, the marketing consultants working with Gems of Saint Lucia will:

a)  use their knowledge of the island to sell with greater precision and passion -

b) be conscious that they are contributing to the socio-economic development of the island,hereby creating economic opportunities for their relatives and friends at home.our own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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