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Join a global team of Friends of Gems.  This will present you with opportunities to understand this dynamic industry, visit places and interact with a diverse range of cultures.


Whether you are a professor, student, entrepreneur or professional, there is an opportunity for you to market Saint Lucia to your friends, colleagues, family and neighbor. In addition, you will have business cards with your special code to identify you as the referral. We are working with participating Gems on the island to put together a package of incentives for our team members.


There are numerous benefits to being a friend of Gems.  See the benefits outlined below.  Take a few minutes to fill in the Gems Survey on the right and send us your contact information. We will contact you.


Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey for us.

Being part of the Gems Marketing Team means that visitors have access to members in every part of the world who can connect a visitor to a range of services on the island in a timely and cost effective manner. This in turn provides revenue generation for local businesses on the island.

Here is an example of how this dynamic martketing concept works, especially with the effective use of social media and the internet.























Magdalene, a Gems marketing consultant received a Facebook message from Rosa Maria in Kenya on March 19th at 3:00p.m.  "Need to talk to you urgent, my son is in St. Lucia and would like some tips. Pls. Send a number to call you."


Magdalene called Rosa Maria right away and learnt that her son Carlos was visiting St. Lucia on a tight timeline and has only one day off to see the island.


Magdalene quickly connected to Wislon in New York to see what arrangements could be made to accomodate Carlos. Wilson sent a message to Carlos right away:


"Hi Carlos, You mother referred  you  to us to help you plan a day trip tomorrow. Please send me your contact info and I will organize it for you."


Carlos responded via e-mail: "Hi Wilson, I don’t have a contact number here. I am in Marigot Bay Marina, and would like to go down to the Pitons to hike one of them (the easier one). After that a bath in the sulphur baths would be cool… then maybe a bit of a tour around the island. Finishing up with a drop off back at the marina. Can you quote me a price for this? I’d like to do it with my crew, there are 7 of us."


Meanwhile, WIlson also gets in touch with Southern Taxi Association, Gems  partner for ground transportation. He alerts the president of Southern Taxi Association of this potential business opportunity.


Wilson responded to Carlos: "Hello Carlos,Thanks for getting back to me. My business associate Francisco Jn Pierre will get in touch with you. Please let me know how it goes. I hope that you have an enjoyable stay on the island."


Francisco Jn.Pierre, President of the Southern Taxi Association contacted WIlson.

"Hi WilsonI would like to know what time he wants to start. I will suggest 8 am since the climb is at least 4 hrs total. They will need a mini bus and its $35.00 US per person round trip."


Wilson connected Carlos and Fransisco directly  with each other.

"Carlos can you please confirm with Francisco...he is trying to make it happen for you."


Wilson was confident that Southern Taxi would do their best to accomodate Carlo's needs.  The next day, March 20th, he checks in with both of them.

" Good morning gentlemen. How did it go?"


Francisco replied, "As we speak they are on the pitons right now. Thanks for the support."


Wilson:"Cool… great job…thanks!"


Wilson to Carlos:


"I am happy that your expectations were met by a group of professionals at Southern Taxi Association..they are the best. We are on the verge of launching our re-branded web-site and would appreciate a short testimonial and photos of you, your team and your adventure on St. Lucia, for our web-site, please. The objective of the Gems of Saint Lucia is to ask our satisfied clients to join us in marketing our products and concept. Therefore, we are asking that you and your crew to be part of us. Once the web-site is launched in the next few days, we will direct you on how to become a member. Cheers my friend and I am happy that Francisco and Southern Taxi Association were able to work with you on this adventure."


 Carlos: "Thank you for all your help. We had a great day!"

The benefits of being a Gem consultant


Member of a dynamic industry and exposure to the experiences of visitors to Saint Lucia's tourism beauty

Active and measurable role in the development of the tourism industry in Saint Lucia

Direct contributor to job creation in Saint Lucia

Jobs for relatives and friends in Saint Lucia mean less reliance on remittances

Less reliance on remittances means more investment funds available for investing in Saint Lucia and globally

Enhanced image of Saint Lucia as a result of reduced crime and anti-social behavior

Reduction in the amount of leakages as a result of decreased marketing funds from Saint Lucia

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The management of Gems of Saint Lucia has positioned its concept to differentiate it from that of its competitors. This differentiation is driven by the marketing channel which is St. Lucian nationals globally with the focus placed on a single destination, St. Lucia. As a result of this strategy, the marketing consultants working with Gems of Saint Lucia will:

a)  use their knowledge of the island to sell with greater precision and passion -

b) be conscious that they are contributing to the socio-economic development of the island,hereby creating economic opportunities for their relatives and friends at home.our own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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