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About Gems of Saint Lucia




The Gems of Saint Lucia is the new and innovative branding of Saint Lucia’s hospitality and tourism industry, which provides authentic products in a culturally rich environment. These authentic products are rustic in nature. They are charmingly simple or unsophisticated and are owned and controlled by the indigenous people on Saint Lucia, located in the countryside and owned by the countryside people.


The Gem’s philosophy is “Marketing Is Everybody’s Business.” As a result, the goals of the Gems are being achieved through the creation of marketing consulting teams involving Saint Lucians and friends of Saint Lucia.The Gems of Saint Lucia was conceptualized by Wilson Jn. Baptiste, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2007. Magdalene Cooman-Maxwell, Chief Operating Officer (COO) joined in 2014.


Gems of Saint Lucia provides an opportunity for professors, students, entrepreneurs and professionals to market Saint Lucia and to participate in authentic adventures on the island.


GEMS Spring Break Experience


"My trip to St. Lucia in spring of 2012 as part of our spring break FAM trip was my first exploration of the Caribbean.  The moment I set foot on the island I fell in love with its nature, character and most importantly people. Locals were friendly and that made you feel safe and travel facilitators (hoteliers, taxi, tour guides) were so professional, making you feel a valued guest. I particularly liked the stunning views you get across the island, especially the one of Python mountain and rock formations on the Atlantic ocean front that resembled animals, the biggest of which was in the shape of a lion. We also were almost inside the volcano when we visited the caldera (formerly erupted volcano area) which is still kind of active and bathed in the mud rich with sulpher. Cultural attractions wise it was fantastic to visit the Lucian village showcasing life of islanders back in the day, the old mill and the fishermen village. Eating freshly cooked fish and dancing in a local cafe with locals was a great experience. I totally recommend St. Lucia for an island getaway rich of cultural activities."


Kairat Sadvakassov

Masters in Tourism Management, New York University, New York

GEMS Partnership

with Southern Taxi Association


"I was contacted by Wilson via email that there is a group visiting on a boat at Marigot Bay that wanted to climb the pitons. Wilson's email to me was cc'd to Carlos the group leader. In less than an hour we finalized the trip . The following day (Chard Louis) the designated driver of the day picked up the group and journeyed to the pitons (Gros Piton).It took them three hours to climb. That was quick. Usually it's a four hour hike. They visited the volcano thereafter, had lunch at a local restaurant and headed back to the boat. From all reports they had a wonderful time."


Southern Taxi Association is a group of 128 drivers. We have a driver for every occasion.


Francisco Jn Pierre


GEMS Commitment to Excellence


"If you want a committed St. Lucian professional to produce results by increasing the islands exports to the US market-use Wilson. When a lot of resources are placed in a new initiative you have to be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank Wilson enough for assisting my former hotel, Village Inn and Spa Hotel, for increasing our occupancy levels as a result of a new marketing concept, Marketing Is Everybody’s Business, which he conceptualized and executed."


Lawerence Samuel





The operations of Gems of Saint Lucia will be driven by the Central Processing House which will be responsible for processing clients’ requests and closing the sale. The individual and group marketing consultants will be responsible for covering certain geographical areas and specific areas within that segment. They will be provided with marketing tools, with the business cards being the most important of these tools. Their names, the company’s name and logo, addresses, telephone numbers of both the company and the marketing consultant, e-mail addresses, web-site, and a personal code will be printed on the cards. These business cards will be left with the prospect at the point of initial contact with special emphasis being placed on the marketing consultant’s code.

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The management of Gems of Saint Lucia has positioned its concept to differentiate it from that of its competitors. This differentiation is driven by the marketing channel which is St. Lucian nationals globally with the focus placed on a single destination, St. Lucia. As a result of this strategy, the marketing consultants working with Gems of Saint Lucia will:

a)  use their knowledge of the island to sell with greater precision and passion -

b) be conscious that they are contributing to the socio-economic development of the island,hereby creating economic opportunities for their relatives and friends at home.our own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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